Sierra forests: I study the role of weather patterns and competition on forest regeneration post-wildfire, questions that become increasingly urgent in the face of the current California drought. I combine approaches on multiple spatial and temporal scales, including statistical analysis of a large observational dataset, controlled manipulative experiments, and computational modeling from remote sensing images.


Elwha River restoration: I conducted research on the restoration of the Elwha river, the largest dam removal project in the United States, to study early successional patterns in a unique setting. Working with the National Park Service’s revegetation team, I found that revegetation communities were impacted by location and the timing of soil exposure, showing the importance of contingency in community assembly after disturbance.


Lasting priority effects in California grasslands: In 2016 I led a UC Davis graduate student/post doc team to sample a grassland restoration experiment established eight years ago by a former member of my lab. We found evidence of long-term persistence of priority effects, particularly of native grasses which would otherwise be subordinate to seeded native perennial forbs.